About Electronic Compass

Electronic Compass is an education and Information Technology services company. 

The company focuses in continuing education of adult learners and its mission is to share advancement in the Education field in multiple ways. For that reason organizes seminars in the fields of ICT, education, business and social sciences. Electronic seminars are also organized and broadcasted live with the use of video streaming technologies and other seminars are organized in the form of courses hosted on specialized internet platforms.

The existing network of the company includes institutions, organizations, schools, NGOs , Universities, parent associations, youth organizations and professionals.

Also manages and organizes local pilot trials with targeted end-user groups.

Apart from that, the company offers a number of solutions, such as interactive and accessible to people with disability web and mobile applications development, e-commerce, graphics, video production, 3D and digital marketing.

Company Profile

Electronic Compass is an IT services and education company located in Athens, Greece. We provide applications services and training to large and small medium sized businesses and professionals in Greece and other countries.

Our personnel include trained professionals, of all ages, combining in this way fresh and innovative ideas to experience and specialization. Electronic Compass mission is to share advancement in the IT services and Education uprising by assisting companies and individuals in providing tailor made solutions in collaborative approach with our customers.

Electronic Compass has clients from around the world. Location is not an issue since the use of internet, emails, video calls, VoIp allows us to communicate with our clients effectively. Media materials can be sent within minutes anywhere in the world and updates, edits and changes can be implemented equally fast.

We use latest technology technologies and coding languages to create our products in respect to our client needs and their target group. Our approach to deliver quality work takes also into account the needs of minority groups such as persons with disabilities and the elderly. We believe that the web offers many opportunities to persons with disability and the elderly, that are unavailable through any other medium. For that reason we should all implement technologies on our web and multimedia products and assist in that way in independence and freedom of these minority groups.

Project Management Courses

Electronic Compass organises courses on Project Management for organisations and individuals.
The course lasts 5 days and includes theory and practice with the use o Project Management software.
Notes and further study of the course are located on our E-Learning Platform.

Participate on our collaborative English courses in London

Electronic Compass give the oportunity to students, to travel to London and follow English Language courses.

- IELTS Preparation Courses (exam skills)
- Business English Courses (Focusing on reading and writing assignments)

Our Contact Details

Ancient Greek MonumentAddress: 3 Anaxagora Str. Argiroupoli, Athens, Greece

(03) 210 9932181
Email: info@e-compass.gr

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