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Τhe Educational Project "Into Generation" is funded by the European Commission and implemented through Erasmus +.

The project aims to support micro Small Medium-sized Enterprises in the acquisition of knowledge, skills and qualifications in order to facilitate the transition of Family businesses for connecting generations and supporting successful business succession using the tools of modern technology such as mobile and web e-learning.

The project is implemented in Greece, Spain, Bulgaria, Germany and Turkey. The consortium is consisted by the following partners:

  • Gazi University, 
  • Berlink ETN GmbH
  • Interprojects Ltd.,
  • Electronic Compass Ltd.,
  • STEPV – Sindicat INDICAT Treballadords Ensenyament P.V.,
  • Ankara Chamber of Commerce (Ankara Ticaret Odasi).

In Greece, the project consortium is represented by Electronic Compass which is the responsible partner for the implementation and realization in the country.

Project partners have conducted a survey on Family SMEs respectively in their countries for identifying the learning needs of the owners and successors of Family SMEs. InTo Generation project will use this survey for the effective development of the learning curriculum and module content.

The survey's findings are available for downloading in project’s website:

You can fully download the Comparative Analysis of the Survey as well as the Executive Summary of survey’s findings. 




Project Management Courses

Electronic Compass organises courses on Project Management for organisations and individuals.
The course lasts 5 days and includes theory and practice with the use o Project Management software.
Notes and further study of the course are located on our E-Learning Platform.

Participate on our collaborative English courses in London

Electronic Compass give the oportunity to students, to travel to London and follow English Language courses.

- IELTS Preparation Courses (exam skills)
- Business English Courses (Focusing on reading and writing assignments)

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