Electronic Compass supporting the continuous education and the improvement of adult’s cognitive levels provides, in cooperation with a British educational organization, Educational tours in London. The educational tours are addressed to students of secondary education and their parents, university students and adults who wish to expand their cognitive level.

The Educational tour package consist the further services: 

  • English courses by well experienced teachers in modern facilities in the center of London. 
  • Accommodation in the center of London for a week or two weeks (depending the selected educational tour package) in modern and luxurious facilities.
  • Meals  
  • Tours outside London accompanied by experienced tour guides for accurate information of the participants and of course for safe sightseeing.



The educational courses are consisted by the below options: 

1. Business English

For Students of Economics Faculties

2. IELTS Preparations Course

For university students or graduates who wish to study for a Master of Science (M.Sc) in Britain

3. Executive English (For high level management usage)

For professionals and graduates

4. Academic study skills with Business English

For adults who wish to relocate in Britain for working or studying (applying to Britain’s Universities - postgraduates, undergraduates) – Preparation for job interviews and workplace specific vocabulary



Project Management

Project Management as an educational tool aims to provide useful knowledge in the field of business administration.

Trainees and stakeholders have the opportunity to deepen their knowledge on Project Management and upgrade their professional skills for being more competitive in labor market. Project Management nurtures skills related with: 

  • Methodology about selecting and evaluating projects
  • Project budgeting
  • Modern project designing method and monitoring
  • Management principles and implementation tools,
  • Human resources management
  • Project management software


Project Life Circle

Project Life circle concerns the consecutively phases that each project needs to complete in order to be implemented and fulfill its objectives. The key features of Project Life circle are in common for every type of project. The acquired benefits via monitoring the Project Life circle are highlighted and the steps that working groups are required to follow in each phase for the successful implementation of a project



Electronic Compass offers a four day Seminar to businesses that want to train their personnel into the methodology of project management. This short program will provide the personnel the framework to working in the future with any project.

The four day seminar is consisted of 30% theory of Project Management and of 70% practice on cases with the help of project management software.








Project Management Courses

Electronic Compass organises courses on Project Management for organisations and individuals.
The course lasts 5 days and includes theory and practice with the use o Project Management software.
Notes and further study of the course are located on our E-Learning Platform.

Participate on our collaborative English courses in London

Electronic Compass give the oportunity to students, to travel to London and follow English Language courses.

- IELTS Preparation Courses (exam skills)
- Business English Courses (Focusing on reading and writing assignments)

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