The Europe 2020 Strategy has defined among others, one key priority that is to raise "Europe’s employment rate – more and better jobs, especially for women, young people and older workers" so to achieve a benchmarkl of " 75% employment rate for women and men aged 20-64 by 2020– achieved by getting more people into work.

The achievement of this important goal, that has important implication for the more general objectives of at least 4 of the five headline targets that have been set for the EU to achieve by the end of 2020 as employment; research and development; education; social inclusion and poverty reduction, is threatened by the economic crisis and the consequent loss of job opportunities that in many countries lead the unemployment rates to achieve "record" percentages.

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17 to 23 June 2016

A Training Session inside the KA2 Erasmus+ project Social Digital Mentors has taken place in Athens from 17 to 23 June 2016.  During those days, 50 unemployed adult people, coming from Italy, Spain, Portugal, Greece and United Kingdom, selected by the partner organizations were trained on how to use internet and social networks to improve their opportunities of accessing the labour market.

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Electronic Compass organises courses on Project Management for organisations and individuals.
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