VINA stands for Validating Informal and Non formal Acquired Skills and it is a European Co-funded project about skills validation in Adult Education.

 The consortium of this project is coordinated by EURO, an Italian Research Centre, and the rest of the partner organizations are from UK (European Learning Network Ltd),Czech  Republic  (Evropská rozvojová agentura s.r.o.), Greece (e-Compass.) and Poland (Fundacja Instytut Rownowagi Spoleczno Ekonomicznej).

The importance to Europe of having citizens that are both skilled and knowledgeable does not start and end with formal education. It is also extended to informal and non formal learning. European citizens need to be able to demonstrate their skills and knowledge acquired from informal and non formal education and use it in their career and for further professional and personal development.

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Project Management Courses

Electronic Compass organises courses on Project Management for organisations and individuals.
The course lasts 5 days and includes theory and practice with the use o Project Management software.
Notes and further study of the course are located on our E-Learning Platform.

Participate on our collaborative English courses in London

Electronic Compass give the oportunity to students, to travel to London and follow English Language courses.

- IELTS Preparation Courses (exam skills)
- Business English Courses (Focusing on reading and writing assignments)

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