The Europe 2020 Strategy has defined among others, one key priority that is to raise "Europe’s employment rate – more and better jobs, especially for women, young people and older workers" so to achieve a benchmarkl of " 75% employment rate for women and men aged 20-64 by 2020– achieved by getting more people into work.

The achievement of this important goal, that has important implication for the more general objectives of at least 4 of the five headline targets that have been set for the EU to achieve by the end of 2020 as employment; research and development; education; social inclusion and poverty reduction, is threatened by the economic crisis and the consequent loss of job opportunities that in many countries lead the unemployment rates to achieve "record" percentages.

Older workers are more exposed to unemployment and exclusion from good careers opportunities, with rates that often reach 35% and more in European Countries and due to the economical crisis and low qualification.

Within this context the partners of this project will explore these issues and identify solutions to help older people to be inserted in the labor market establishing effective links between adult schools and the world of work.


Adult Students, Adult teachers and enterprises need to break the barriers caused by the digital divide which separate them from the netizens (Internet, first-class citizens), and the rest of people who, due to their lack of knowledge or domain in relation to the use of web social media tools, are considered as the new digital illiterates of the 21st century. The use of Social media and ICT is not widespread among adults, they need to know how to use social media to socialize, communicate and searching job oportunities. Social Media and Internet are now very often used by the companies for selecting in an effective way their future employees.

Adult learners need to know how to create and preserve his digital identity where they could keep on their competences, language knowledge, etc. to become an optimal candidate to be reincorporated in labour market in the most rapid an efficient way. For helping adullt learners to join the labour market using ICT social media, we will train mentors on how to write an European CV, how to find a job using social empolyment portals and how to create, maintain and preserve the digital identity for the world of work. Social online Mentors will be 10 adult learners in each country. Mentors will offer support, advice an information related on the project issues to the other adult learners using the "social mentors office".

The project will use Mentoring interpairs like a methodology of shared learning and growth that promotes mutual benefit, interaction and support for both parties is becoming an increasingly important function for both entering the workforce and future career success. The mentoring relationship is a two way process which potentially benefits both mentee and mentor as they learn from each other.


The aim of the project is to promote employment for long term unemplyed adult people, through an effective use of social media , ICT and through the training of 10 students in each participant country that will be called “ international digital mentors”

This general aim will be achieved through these specific objectives:

  • Show and make confident adult learners and teachers on how to use social media and ICT, concerning the effective use of them for accessing the labor market.
  • Create an effective learing comunity to facilitate collaboration among adult training institutions, policy makers and enterprises to facilitate the matching between offer of labor and demand through the use of social media and ICT.
  • To use “Mentoring” like a methodology of shared learning where mentors will offer support, advice an information related on social media and ICT for promoting employment
  • To integrate formal, non-formal and informal education, working as social mentors, the adult students will learn in an non-formal way and they will mentor the other adult learners experimenting informal approach.

 The project will allow participants to move with facility on the European labor market and the relations with the companies during the BarCamps, policy makers, associations, adult training institutions... of other European countries to consolidate the effectiviness of learning community involving adult teachers , their adult learners and companies in the testing of the "social mentors training packge"and in a shared analysis of the effective use of Social Media for the matching of job request and adult learnes . In the learning community will participate in each country at least 10 adult teachers,10 adult learners and 5 enterprises in each participant country.

The learning community will make effective the internacionalization of the education in the participant instituons.

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